AweSeries: Project FiSuRe: Finding a Familiar Voice (Part 2)

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By: Qay

“Well troops, get ready.” Commander Ayokunle said, only loud enough for his team to hear.

“Sir! We are not here to destroy! Look at what violence caused us to be! For God’s sake, we’re in another planet trying to find resources. Remember, we’re the aliens here. Not them.” Haidar shouted. He was quite far behind as he got out of the space transporter last.

Commander Ayokunle disregarded the reminder “I don’t believe in God anymore.”

He was keen to not let anything bad happen to his team, even if it’s only an imaginary threat. He stepped back a bit, assessed his surroundings. As the inhabitants of the planet were coming closer and closer, the clear pulsation of the veins on the side of his head pulsated faster and faster and the grip of his hand on the gun got tighter and tighter.

Haidar knew he had to stop Commander Ayokunle. He quickly grabbed the already cocked gun and pulled it towards him. There was a brief struggle to control the gun between the two them. Amidst that, the gun was accidentally fired. A huge flock of bird flew away exiting a gigantic tree. Thankfully the bullet reached for the skies, but Haidar’s left hand suffered serious burns. He shouted in pain, a sound louder than the gun. The inhabitants walked faster towards them.

“Oh, you really did it this time Haidar!” Commander Ayokunle scolded Haidar who was holding his hand in tremendous pain.

Haidar kneeled. When he finally had the instinct to look up, there he saw six inhabitants looking down on him. One of them poked his wound and felt his blood. Haidar remained in silence. He was too afraid to say anything, let alone release the pain he’s bearing right then. The inhabitants gently laid him to the ground. Haidar was surprised as to the softness of the grass he was lying upon. It was as if he was floating, along with his pain. One of the inhabitants, slightly shorter in height, came running back to them with three types of leaves and a piece of root.

Commander Ayokunle and the rest of the team just stood there, at the right side of the crowd that is building up surrounding Haidar. Some intrigued, some cautious. Regardless, they were at the procedure with great interest.

The inhabitant pressed one leaf on Haidar’s burns and rubbed it with the root. It is seen that the roots were excreting some form of oil and it mixed with liquid from the leaf. Haidar felt an instant cooling effect from the procedure. Seeing that Haidar calmed down and less sweating, the inhabitant took away the leaf and pressed another leaf on the burned area of his hand. This leaf felt more coarse than the first one, some of its protruding structure pierced into Haidar’s hand.

Haidar screamed in agony.

Commander Ayokunle was putting one foot nearer to Haidar before being stopped by Hawwa. “Commander, patience.. look, the reddish colour on his burn marks are fading. Amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this!”

Hawwa is a prominent botanist from Earth, one of the leading scientists in studying a newly discovered field of plant telekinesis. She believes that plants, like other living things, interact with humans in a higher form of communication. She even believed that plants were warning humans of the impending doom they are experiencing now. She restructured the classification of what’s left of the plants on Earth and discovered over 50 new plants species, most of them were on the brink of extinction. Her experiments were hindered and eventually stopped by the lack of specimens. Now, she’s in charge of assessing the natural growth of a planet for human sustainability in Project FiSuRe.

Lastly, one of the inhabitants crushed the last piece of leaf and it a thick and slimy liquid. The slime was blue and only the slime was taken to be rubbed on Haidar’s hand. In a quick manner, the slime hardened and you could see the tissues around the burn areas are starting to sort of fold inwards. At this time, Haidar felt a minty sensation on his skin, no more burning pain and agony. The inhabitants took several steps back to give some room for Haidar to recuperate and have some fresh air. Not long after that, Haidar succumbed to deep slumber.

The inhabitants communicated among themselves. The humans knew they were talking about them. Nothing the inhabitants spoke about is clear to any of the space explorers. They did not speak in tones, it’s more like a heavily scratched disc being played backwards. Strange, they had tongues but it looks like they’re not using them.

The inhabitants gathered among a few paces left to the space explorers. Some of them looked like they had ideas on what to do with the visitors. Some of their expression seemed to turn menacing, with the antennas on their heads erect. A few of them took charge of the situation by stepping forward in front of the gatherers and calmed the situation down. The discussion continued among them, as well as with the humans.

While the inhabitants are trying to figure out a way to approach the humans, the humans are trying to figure out a way to run away from them.

“They bleed! Humans from planet Sector 17-VXR512-1246!” A voice from the crowd shouted.

Each one of the space explorers were in complete shock. Amidst the enigmatic multitudinous exchange of speech, emerged one perfect sentence of English.

A female inhabitant came running towards in a child-like conduct towards Commander Ayokunle.

“Hello, my name is Rukka. I studied you in interplanetary studies and did my thesis on your species! Fascinating. I knew you were going to be visiting us soon! My educator didn’t believe me; He said your species were too primitive to do that. This is how you greet, yes?” Rukka extended her right hand to Commander Ayokunle. Commander Ayokunle looked on as if he had been electrocuted. Hawwa qickly rushed to the front to accept the handshake.

From the mighty grip of Rukka, Hawwa felt and literally heard the bones in her fingers cracking and crushing.

(End of part two)
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3 thoughts on “AweSeries: Project FiSuRe: Finding a Familiar Voice (Part 2)

  1. Oh! Oh! =D I know what's the point in this! the plants in the planets continued to carry out evolution. the medicinal properties are so optimized, they work almost instantly! Hope more of the planet's characteristics would be unveiled =) But I still don't know the name of the planet doooooood =S

  2. Been waiting for this. Cool, but the storyline was a bit slower than part 1, but of course, more detailed 🙂 I like how you unfold the characters!

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