The cold ice infiltrated deep in my soul
when I saw you, the one who made me whole
the thoughts of you consumed my sanity
no longer can I decide which was my reality

I’ve tried so damn hard to give you my love
turned out I just can never love you enough
what the hell was wrong with my conviction?
every thoughts and whims were in contradiction

You came to me like a stark, deadly avalanche
when you fall you did not even give me a chance
a chance to anticipate and stood my ground
and then I knew it is with you I forever bound

The burn left me frozen dead at night
you appeared so suddenly in your alight
without warning and so much as a sound
and in your fragments again I shall drown

Now I’m left buried inside your white mirror
you impeded my senses and choices to see clearer
so I can never find my way back to the surface
and all of my existence you had slowly erase.

I think. I feel. I write. Welcome to my reality.
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11 thoughts on “Avalanche

  1. Amazing as usual. I kinda hate you a little, but only because I could never write as good as you. There’s something about how you make the words work for you, damn I wish I had the same magic touch you do. 😉

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