Why her?

“Why her?” People asked me. “Because she’s an art art isn’t just supposed to look nice, art is to make you feel something.” That was what I told them. Always. Pin 1


Aku kata kau, Kau jahat, Kau biadap, Tapi kau kawan aku. Kau kata dia, Dia pengotor, Dia hodoh, Tapi kau kawan dia. Dia kata aku, Aku ini dajjal dunia, Aku ini durjana, Tapi dia kawan aku. Aku tahu dari dia, Dia tahu dari kau, Kau tahu dari aku, Tapi kita bertiga ini kawan. Kita sebenarnya celaka, […]


Mula idea jadi cerita, Kemudian aktor mula drama, Kamera berputar merakam karya, Penat lelah sutradara. Satu detik dua puluh empat frama, Permainannya ada suka ada lara, Filem itu bukan dongeng, filem itu; Kita.     Pin 1


You, of course, are a rose – you’re beautiful, empty, How would I tell you? One perfect rose. Those thorns, your anger? Is it a rose with thorns or; thorns with a rose on it? I am grateful that thorns have roses. But the theory now goes, always trying to forgive, I am within her eyes, […]

The Stage

On that stage, His eyes took her words away, His words took her breathe  away, Himself took her away. On that stage, He loves her hard, Telling her she’s an art, and They will be alright On that stage, She saw another play She saw him, with her She saw their act. He’s leaving now. […]


I saw her last night, was it the first time I saw her? Little did she know, That I miss her? Tell me nothing ’cause I’m afraid of; Her truth which might hit me, then stabbed me, then kill me a thousand. I tried to hard, Not knowing what I’ll lose. I love to hard, […]

Stay or Nay?

Would you care if we quit talking? You say it doesn’t matter, It’s all in the past? I’m not saying I don’t believe you You took good times for granted It’s you and your love that has made me whole Believing you may be a mistake but it’s a risk I’m willing to take Should […]

Queen (was)

In our time together there is a box Of memories we shared Would you recall it back? Because I’m missing you more than ever What do I do, When I’m still in love with you? You made up your mind and you went away ‘Cause you didn’t want to stay I put my trust in […]


She has her own special way Just a glance at her makes my heartbeat rises She makes all the bad things go away When I look into her eyes She gets me every time Those hazel eyes hypnotize The love and time I have shared with her Have all been without regret. BUT She says […]

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