Let Me Start Over

I wish someone would have sat me down and told me To explore my options and expand my potentials To follow my heart rather than trusting my head blindly Rather than confining myself to the constricting mould of society  I wish they would have told me not to go on a chase impulsively  Just for me […]

I went to the Beach

Feeling alive (for the first time) Feisty wind against my face That feels like a wake-up call Slapping away the misery That has long resided in me Something about the blue sky today That speaks to me In a language almost nonexistent That comforts me Making me feel good (in a while) Pin 1

The Monsters in my Head

The monsters in my head They don’t have a form Just a jumble of words Accompanied by made up scenarios With a side of what-if’s Insecurities and failures to top it off with I don’t see them in my nightmares But they’re with me in reality Constant whispers at the back of my mind Anxiety […]

You Only Write When

You barely write when you are happy You only write when you are heartbroken Drowning in sorrows Suffocating in anguish Hand tightly clutching a pen Like your soul hanging onto that last piece of hope that once decorated your spacious heart Sincere words spilling onto papers Like mesmerizing secrets of a loner going unheard through […]

Confession of a Happiness

Happiness today bloomed fully within me like flowers in springtime when You tilted your head to my side Then you stared at me for several seconds too long And the realization of how in love I was with you hit me when Hello flowed smoothly out of your mouth Like a grand symphony I’ve always […]

2 a.m. thoughts

i miss the times when life is much more simple and feelings are much less defined when love offers more than hope and heartbreak is much less nonexistent when new days are much more anticipated and waking up is much less distressed when laughter pours out much easier and tears are much less wasted when […]

Dear Stranger

Our eyes meet for a fraction of a second The fate in the air, mingling with oxygen in the space between us, is blatantly tangible Like the sparks ignited in our bloodstreams The rhythm of our heartbeats collide Overlapping into several beats faster than the others Incessantly irregular, but endlessly alive The edge of your […]

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