maybe that’s how it is

It’s like rainfalls, you know. The trickling of droplets on the roof provides you with a soft lullaby as a huge sense of calmness envelopes you slowly, making you feel safe and sound. The quiet chattering of insects indulging themselves in the rain gives you the assurance that the rain is full of happiness and […]

For You♥

Nobody can say you only think about yourself, For I have seen the tears you shed for them. Nobody can say you think too much about everything, For the Queen in the battle is you, not them. If you want to talk about anything, I’ll listen without asking. If you want to stay in the […]

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Disclaimer: The story is NOT based on personal experience. The journey towards healing is like a dance Just like the rhythms, One moment your move is fast, upbeat and confident. Just like the rhythms, It is butterflies and rainbows. But the music isn’t always lively. Sometimes you have to slow down, feel the music and […]

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