My heart rains for the fact that we still have to prove that these rivers flow to the same sea. That the red of our blood, the same shade. Our feet bathed in the same mud. Breathed in the same haze. Uttered the same vows. Gods. Kings. Code. Laws. Courtesy. Pin 2

Aesthetic Kampung Jawa

Kadang2 aku harap aku boleh tulis pasal benda selain kematian. Macam coklat mata kau, macam benda2 cliche. Macam langit petang dan bintang malam. Dan hari tua dimana kita makan cekodok, minum teh o atas pangkin depan rumah impian kita. Kain batik. Aesthetic kampung Jawa. Macam hari2 muda aku. Masa aku tak kisah pasal bil atau […]

Dear suburbanites,

So, suburbanites, What do you want, exactly? You want a community? You know you’re living in the city, right? (I mean, yeah, the outskirts of the city) So, what? You want people you’d meet at the masjid but won’t really wave their hand passing through your front gate? You want community or solitude? Make up […]

no expectations

There’s tenderness in your gaze. It almost sounds like the frail of my granmother’s embrace. And like raindrop on pavements, Storm on cities, Tides of the ocean, Waves on the shore, Your eyes I will always find mezmerizing, Utterly. Forever blinding Like the headlights of your car, Or the love of some god you’re still […]

lebih sejam

Pukul dua. Pagi. Fikir pasal misteri hidup. And basically, segalanya. 42 google kata. Empat. Puluh. Dua. Empat macam empat tahun. Habis. And empat tahun sebelum tu. Habis jugak. In between, ada setahun. Cuba ingat. Depressed. Tapi banyak benda happy. Main drum tak hingat. Main je fikir. Makan megi pun takpe. Takde life pun takpe. Puluh. […]

Tracing your scars

Late at night tracing your scars, imagining your face in the mirror, feeling like an abomination. Late at night, on your bed like a coffin. With the wind outside like shrieks of dying children and thunder as loud as the cracking of your own skull. The rumbling of the sky sounds like mountain crumbling as […]

Blues of a 20-something

You ever feel that thing where you go from being in school, talking to your friends about anime and video games and then suddenly, you’re talking about love and how nobody has everything figured out? Then you look at your friend and realized he’s a freaking teacher. I mean, the bastard used to skip class […]

a girl.

In between buildings in a rotten city, on a descending dusk where dust scatter and rusty words were spoken to tell the truth on the frustration of our post-modern lives, I saw you. It took weeks of sleep for me to come to terms with the fact that all these while between my dreams and […]

The First Night

There must be an ocean on my head. All I hear are crashing waves, and distorted static of fabricated reality. There’s sand on my bed and a hole on my chest leading to the driveway where I had left my thoughts. I spent hours lying down, staring into space- Only to realize the ceiling was […]

my love isn’t any less pure than yours

My love isn’t any less pure than yours Just because yours are sealed with a ring and a vow. And the construct that love is meant to be sealed.   My love isn’t any less pure than yours Just because it’s written under dim lightson the walls of some cheap hotel room.   My love […]

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