What do you think about marriage without love? Okay i ada satu kenalan perempuan, dia tak pernah bercinta . Single since born and last dia ada kawan laki was when she in standard six. Now dia dah umur 20 tahun, well sebab dari sekolah menengah till university all her classmates cuma perempuan sahaja. Dan dia […]


Masalah datang bukan satu-satu tapi kadang dua tiga sekaligus, satu belum settle lagi satu muncul. Hati tak kental tak dapat solve terus pendam dalam hati, muncul pulak stress dah jadi tiga. it wont stop. Masalah kecil bila besarkan jadi besar juga. Tapi aku tak besarkan cuma tengok orang lain yg perbesarkan tapi tekanan aku yang […]


i have a problem with writings, i mean when i started to write about my problem the next day i will faces another problem. For example today, im in dilemma bcus i have exam online today with meetings at same time so i decided asked my younger sisters to help me answer that question but […]

AM I being too emotional or not

friends is one of beautiful thing did we ever have in our life. but sometimes its gonna kill you likes no tommorow. Friends the place where you showed all your true self, tell a story, share a story etc when you far from your family. But when you tell all your secrets sometimes its not […]

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