after tonight

The night’s breeze Passing Through my bones, While I am Holding my tears. Time passed fast, So fast That I have Taken for granted. I want Time to freeze. After you left, The space Become bigger And emptier. It’s funny That I Would miss The crowded room. What is missing In my life Is you. […]

i felt like love

Every time Our eyes met, I see me in you. I asked for a flower, You gave me your world. You make me yours, Without any vow. With you, I put my guard down And surrender myself To be explored And treasured Completely. True love never exist, I just need someone To be the reason. […]

free like a bird

You gave me wings, Taught me how to fly, As if I won’t fly away from you. You kept me inside, I have never seen The blue skies And sparkling stars. You let me drown In your lust That full with hopes and dreams. Just like fairy tales, Nothing is real. Love me as I […]

Little Broken Heart

I feel the pain. I’m looking for the cure. The path were dark, The cloud were dusty, I can’t find my way. I am lost In my own dignity. What was left, A little piece Of a broken heart. Calling out somebody To take me home, To be the light, Guide me to to the […]


You always find a way To get back to me, After I throw you away. I’m no longer an abandoned shipwreck. I don’t want to sing your song anymore, Your song got me feeling sick. You might think that I miss you, I already found my heart in other place. I see people always looked […]


We met for a coffee, You asked for less sugar, Meanwhile green tea for me. I can already see our division. I don’t talked much, You told me about your family And your sad past, You’re not the only one. I listened to every words, I felt every breath, I saw every wrinkles, I was […]

Green Light

The space are big, If only I was not alone. The gap are far, Between me and you. I built the wall so high, So no one could reach. You tried to get in, I closed all the windows And doors in me. You took the spotlight away, Judged me for who I am, Or […]

The Beach And You

The sun set down, Bringing all the lights out, We were the witnesses Of the beautiful disaster. Then there we sat on the sand In the dark and quietness I see your face through the moonlight, Put your arms around my shoulder. The rain come pouring Hitting both of us, You build us a shelter, […]

Black Hole

The universe are cruel, Only the planets and stars Survive in the outer space. But you can wear a spacesuit And be my spaceman. My heart falling fast as shooting stars, The infection burst into supernova, I’m drowning in your spicy lava, Slowly turning into black hole. I’m floating nowhere Without your invisible gravity To […]

Ghost (All Of You)

The day were bad, The day were rough, Till you showed up Lighten my happiness. Keep it to myself. I still remember, Every kiss, Every night, You got the whole of me But I never got you. Take me back To the good old days, Where you and me Sharing one sided love. I would […]


Under the tress, We made love. Losing ourselves off, On the grass Beneath the blue skies. Paint me a rainbow, I’ll make you bloom Over the fall, Buzzing all around, Even in the dark. Sticky and sweet, Our love is. My little honey, Even the seasons change, But our love stays the same. Taken from […]

Lost (Rose-Colored Boy)

Maybe we were a perfect matches, That’s why we burned out, Let the ghost carry away the sorrow, Into a heart of emptiness. You started the flames, Got me dancing with the fires, Make me playing along with your riddles, I would spinning with the roulette. We used to had it all, I let you […]


You came in just like the storm, Attacking my heart and destroy it. Then left like a summer, Craving for the warmness of yours. You knew me well, Everything that I could remember. Thing won’t always right, But the only wrong is you. I hope the soul goes away, Near the wishing well, So you […]

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