The sweet irony of wanting a companion to fight your battle with you but being too scared to let them meet the monster. Because you are afraid that they might quiver in their armor and drop their swords at first sight, leaving you alone once again to face the stalemate that’s slowly turning the tables […]

7 Years of Bad Luck

Look at me, see beauty Think of me, think beauty Hear of me, hear of beauty You tell me They tell you They tell me But never ask me Look at me, do I see beauty? Think of me, do I think of beauty? Hear about me, do I hear beauty? Never ask me Pin […]

That Day I Stepped On A Flower

You weren’t perfect. And I wished I accepted that. Because if I did, you would’ve stayed. I wasn’t perfect. And I wished I stopped trying to be. Because if I did, I wouldn’t have pushed you away. We weren’t lovers. And I wished I didn’t think we were. Because if I did, we’d still talk […]


Dear Sir, I used to have someone like you, once. His soul was in pieces, quite like yours, you see, but I wasn’t doing a good job at holding onto them, so when the wind came, they all flew away.     Pin 0

To Be Titled

These are my bones. The cracks, plateaus, the ridges. My bones. Young, Overused, Tired.   This is my heart; It beats, it pumps and huffs I live And it was my heart. Sometimes it cries. Sometimes it weeps. Rarely does it speaks. My ears do not hear it. Nothing does.   This is my life […]

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