Give it up

One day, suddenly I decided to choose you as someone dear to my heart. It’s my fault by choosing you. I invest everything that I can. I give u everything that I’m able to. I invest too much emotion in this. I put too much efforts. Finally, I guess u realize my efforts and u […]


I tell people what I wanted to hear the most. I tell people things that I need to actually do on my own. By doing that, I hope I can be stronger. I hope, those words will reach my heart as well. Hopefully it is. Pin 0

Why you left

While I am struggling to fix myself, While I am trying my hardest to not break down, During that time, I am losing my friend. I just need some time to sort things out, to calm my chaos mind, but sadly, they left. Maybe to wait is too much and maybe my sadness is too […]

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