Them (ii)

Someone said, “Knowing everything is a curse.” Yup, totally agree with this. It is a curse that breaks your heart in piece even the things that you know doesn’t involve you even a slightest. Even till now, I’m still not sure if I was given a chance to turn back the time, I would choose […]

Them (i)

“Aku balik sana hujung bulan ni, tapi once aku dah balik sana, aku nak lupa semua benda yang jadi kat sini, nak delete semua gambar, nak putus semua persahabatan. Aku memang macam tu dari dulu sebenarnya.” He said. “ Oh kalau macam tu, kau stay la sampai kitorang habis. Lepas tu, kita semua terus detach. […]

I Don’t Know

This time, it’s different, I never felt this way before, I never thought it will be this painful, Yes, once upon a time long ago, I wish to feel this way, Too dumb to realize that it hurts me more. I don’t know who or what to blame for this feeling, I put the blame […]

It’s not fair, you are not mine

” Ini tidak adil untuk kau bertanya jika aku mencintaimu juga, kau bukan milikku” – Penakut by Yuna I just need to ramble about this, and yes I need to do this anonymously because the whole world know you are in relationship with someone else and freaking yes, I just don’t want to mess up […]

Just Be You

She stopped being the emotional girl years ago, Because that girl get bullied a lot, People look at her as a weak girl, They felt like her tears did not cost much, A girl who buried herself with all those lame romantic love novel, But how irony, she never get the love she always dreamed […]

Tetap Di Sini

Kadang aku tak faham kenapa aku masih tunggu dia, Kadang aku rimas fikir bila semua ni nak berakhir, Kadang aku penat nak mengguna ilmu psikik meneka hati dia, Kadang aku cuba untuk lepas kan semua tapi sayang aku gagal. Kali pertama jumpa aku yang hulur salam, Dan aku juga yang pertama ucap kata cinta, Sedang […]

He is Just A Distraction

“He is just a distraction” That’s what I’m been telling people. The lies that I told people around me and myself too, so I won’t get hurt any further. But the truth is, who am I kidding? I know it’s not true. I know deep down the feeling is somehow real. The feeling that makes […]

The Best Friend Zone

“Sebenarnya aku pernah suka kau.” It’s been 6 years since we both left high school and it’s been almost 9 years since we labeled ourselves the sweetest best friend in the whole school. Everyone knows that. Our friends will tease us saying we were in love but we both know that love is never been […]

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