Black Hole

There’s a dark pulsing vortex somewhere in my conscience, it pulls with a strong gravity the entirety of my being. A vacuum of nothingness, that eats away at me bit by bit by bit. It’s a black hole, specifically design to devour my sanity. I think everyone carries their own versions of this ‘black hole’. […]

The least I can be is to be kind

I had a debate with the boyfriend, about me being ‘too kind’. He said that it’s fine to be kind, but not to the point that people pushes you around because of it. I get it, it’s a legit point. But I beg to differ. You see, I don’t consider myself a ‘good’ person. Not […]

It was a sad dream

It was such a sad dream. I dreamed that you came for me, searching for me, With hopes of reconciliation. In my dream we met, And I hugged you, As I cried, And you cried too. But Dad, It’s just a dream. I miss you, I do. But Dad, Tell me how do I get […]

I’m sorry….

I’m sorry I have so much baggage with me, That you can’t even carry, I’m sorry I can’t make us pretty, Just like how you wanted us to be. I’m sorry I don’t know how to control Destiny, For I am not a wish granting fairy, I’m sorry love isn’t how you imagined it to […]

Life is not a race, but…

They say life is not a race. And I agree. It is not. But life is not indefinite either. Time flows. And it will continue to move, whether you like it or not. And as such, I need to get my priorities right. I must be mother’s knightess, and protect her from the world’s misery. […]

Tears and blood will be my payment

My head hurts My eyes sore My heart is breaking My soul is torn Everything’s gone awry My life pulled another disappearing trick And took him away from where I can see him Perhaps away for good Away to where I can’t reach him. And it hurts. It hurts so much. It’s been so long […]

Hello again, Life.

Well there you go again. It’s boring when you don’t fuck things up here and there ay, life? It’s the end of the ‘happy ad’ for now, yeah? Gotta roughen me up a bit more till the next ad comes along? Yeah,alright. I understand. That’s how things work ain’t it? Take care not to be […]


I must say, When I encounter a problem, With no immediate solution to it, I do the next thing in my head to deal with it. I run away from it. In fact, it’s one of my favourite ways to deal with my problems. I do it so often, I am terribly good at it. […]


All this time, the concept of being sincere comes easy to me. Cuz I help people when I know I have some energy/time/money to spare. But right now, I have to be honest. This is excruciating to just smile through. I know I HAVE to help. Because ohana, right? But I am having a hard […]

Not here anymore

You’re not here anymore. Not within a call’s reach when I’m falling. Not near enough for anything. But I guess that’s for the better. It’s not your role to fulfill, no. You’re my distraction, my safety net, of when I become the selfish human that I am. Too comfortable to just call you a friend, […]


It was just a dream. A nightmare. You were so happy telling me about this girl you are in love with. And its not me. It was just a dream. But why does it hurts so much. Ah. I am such a greedy person. I know you’re not meant for me. We both do. But […]


I suppose I am now at the stage of life where everyone is settling down. Some are getting engaged, some getting married, others even expecting a baby. But I am still stuck in this never ending cycle. Of me and you. Of me and him. Of my desires and my reasoning. I feel sick right […]

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