i’m not a toy

i thought that was the end & i finally move on from you. but i was wrong, you come back to me. i thought you wouldn’t be the same after you come back to me. i thought you will treat me like a princess, but it’s no longer. you changed after 2 months. it hurts. […]

Have you ever felt..

Have you ever felt you just wanna runaway from everyone? Yes, i do. I just feel depressed lately. But i need someone to accompany or motivate me in the same time. In other words, i need attention. Yes i need attention. From someone special. I just deactivate my twitter and instagram. And also off my […]

Hope there is no birthday-day

I don’t like having birthday. Whenever my birthday is coming, i feel scared. Everybody hopes to be happy on their own birthday. Yes, that’s why. That’s why i hate it. I hope i don’t feel sad whenever my birthday comes. I’m scared if I feel sad on my own birthday. Hoping too much will make […]

This is the end

We start our friendship since primary school. And end it at age 19, 2018. It might be hurt for me, but not for you. It’s okay. You were just kind for me back then. I love our friendship. But it turns wrong when i did something that i supposedly not do. I regret. But it’s […]

More to you

I ask you to bring me somewhere to eat something I’ve craved for so long. Actually i make it up. I don’t mind what we’ll eat or where we’ll go. I just wanna meet you & see your face bc I’ll go far away from you after this. I don’t mind if we just sit […]

What is wrong

I’m stupid. I make a big mistake in the beginning of 2018. Idk what should i do. I’m just stupid , stubborn, ego. Do u know what ive done? I argue with my mom. I’m so tired with my mom. But she’s a mom. Idk how to explain how we argue. But my mom is […]

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