I’m Afraid

It felt like you know a lot about me. Feels like you don’t. Maybe you do not know the details, But you do know how I feels. Part of me thinking that I should tell you everything, Part of me are afraid you’d run away. Well, who doesn’t? I would too if I were you. […]

Hey, Are You Like Me?

Hey, you there! Are you like me? Spending much time on the internet searching For any entertainment that will do. For anything that you’ve been ignorant to. For any proof that others have it much better than you. Hey, are you like me? Do you spend terrific amount of time on vacation sites, But never […]

To You My Guardian Angel

You’re the first person who taught me what love is. Also the first person who taught me what heartbroken was. From the beginning till the end, You taught me what it was, what it still is, And what it could be. In the past, 9 Aug was just a date to me, Now, It is […]

Hold on to that love.

You know when you were in that depressive state, You think no one could ever ‘revived’ you, No one could ever make you happy. Not even your ex whom you still have feelings for. Nor your families. Nor your best friends. Nope. Not one. All you ever thought of Is how to live painlessly one […]

For you, Flower.

I know how it feels to not to have someone to confide into. I know how it feels to cry alone. I know how I feels to suddenly broke into tears with no apparent reason. I know how that feels. I know how it feels to choke up on nothing but your own thoughts. I […]

pray for me

i havent read anything lately. nor have i wrote something. i feel quite empty. i have lots and tons of books to be read, but i simply doesnt have the will to read it. i wanted to write something, but nothing come the moment my finger hit the keypad. i miss reading. and writing. i […]


He was that. I knew from the start. Never had I ever thought to have anything to do with him. Apart from being a colleague from the same workplace. He was like an older brother. At times like a father too. And trust me I know he never thought of me in a weird way. […]


I always felt like im not enough. Not enough to fit in the people expectations of me. People always thought that I am a one tough cookie. But hey, cookies break apart too. It mellowed when being dawn in water or milk. Or simply break into pieces when being thrown on the floor I am […]

Today I read..

Today I read, A father rapes his own daughters. Not one, but two. He has a wife, who knew, But brushed it off Without reporting due, Since no one would feed them If she does. I am so enraged. Why? Why did you do it? They’re your freaking flesh and blood? Whatever is on your […]

My Bestie

Hi bestie. I miss you. I miss you so bad. Please come back. Come back and talk to me. Will you? It feels like I haven’t talk to you for years When its only have been just 3 weeks I think. I didn’t realize I was counting. Didn’t realized I was keeping a tab on […]


It was back when I were still young and vulnerable. I don’t even know some terms that kids these days know and understand. At the age of 12 going thirteen. I’ve been experimented on. It all happens without warning. I never knew the one that I thought would protect me, Cherish me, And wished me […]

i just wanted to complaint

The Mixed feelings i feel. Things are so freaking messed up right now. Forever can end in a split second, Yet soon may feels like an eternity My mind is a mess. Im tired of the same shits that Im going through every single damn day. I don’t want to have anything to do with […]

The Familiar Dreams

The feeling I have for you Is the same as the feelings of visiting the same old dreams Over and over again. The dark and ghosted city. Soulless with dry wind blowing, Pulling off exactly like the zombiland. The messiness. The dryness. There’s no sunlight even during the day. Only coldness. Penetrating the body, Sharp […]


I was once thought you were my home. Boy was I wrong. You were hell. Disguising yourself as heaven. Calming one down, Giving them pleasure while slowly tighten the rope Tied to their neck And push them over the edge of the highest stairs. I was once thought you were my home. A safe haven […]


I was once scared of my own bed. I was once scared of my of bedroom. I was once scared of man of my own. I was once scared of boys who shown hostility to me. Then, I started to trust strangers. Then, I started to trust those who called my friends. Then, I started […]

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