The Last Goodbye

  You left us that night. Exactly at 1 am. And I’ve arrived just where you were at 1.10 am. Didn’t make it to your last moment. Didn’t get to say my last goodbye. Didn’t get to ask for forgiveness.   And Ive been carrying that heavy feeling since then. All the fights and all […]

Forget? Forgive?

  I don’t know if its doable. I sometimes wonder, Will you forgive me if I Did the same exact thing, To you? Or your family? Loved ones? Would you mind if I scarred them for life? Like you did, To me?   I try hard digging to my heart core, Hoping to find that […]


  I didn’t know it back then. That break ups caused a different kind of sadness. Not the same kind of sadness Where your siblings ate your last cookies, Or when your crush had a girlfriend, Or even when your parents punished you for Your brother’s wrongdoing.   If I knew the pain and weight […]

My Muse

I didn’t realise this at first, Only after few years later. Only after I read back what I wrote. Everything I wrote was about you. Life after you. Life with you. And life before you. And honestly, I was happy. Reading about my life which its core centre was you.   And now, After so […]

My Best Man Getting Married.

rq – Here is what I wanted to write to my best man who is getting married. You were once my wonder wall, And now you are hers. You were once my best mate, And now you are hers. The days and times we have spent together, Seems like long ago. And it really was. […]

t o y

Her heart was broken in the morning. She gasps for air. Took a deep breath, and let it go. She looks puzzled for a good minute And realized she need to work. She can’t afford to breakdown now. Not in front of the office. So she went in. Fake a smile. Walk to the office […]

About You

I have always wondering, Everything that I wrote, These heavy longing that’s burdening my chest, The melancholy and bliss I felt, Does it always directed to only one person? I have always believed that our hearts are capable of loving More than one person. Romantically I mean. That explain the ‘cheating’ game Some people are […]

I’m Afraid

It felt like you know a lot about me. Feels like you don’t. Maybe you do not know the details, But you do know how I feels. Part of me thinking that I should tell you everything, Part of me are afraid you’d run away. Well, who doesn’t? I would too if I were you. […]

Hey, Are You Like Me?

Hey, you there! Are you like me? Spending much time on the internet searching For any entertainment that will do. For anything that you’ve been ignorant to. For any proof that others have it much better than you. Hey, are you like me? Do you spend terrific amount of time on vacation sites, But never […]

To You My Guardian Angel

You’re the first person who taught me what love is. Also the first person who taught me what heartbroken was. From the beginning till the end, You taught me what it was, what it still is, And what it could be. In the past, 9 Aug was just a date to me, Now, It is […]

Hold on to that love.

You know when you were in that depressive state, You think no one could ever ‘revived’ you, No one could ever make you happy. Not even your ex whom you still have feelings for. Nor your families. Nor your best friends. Nope. Not one. All you ever thought of Is how to live painlessly one […]

For you, Flower.

I know how it feels to not to have someone to confide into. I know how it feels to cry alone. I know how I feels to suddenly broke into tears with no apparent reason. I know how that feels. I know how it feels to choke up on nothing but your own thoughts. I […]

pray for me

i havent read anything lately. nor have i wrote something. i feel quite empty. i have lots and tons of books to be read, but i simply doesnt have the will to read it. i wanted to write something, but nothing come the moment my finger hit the keypad. i miss reading. and writing. i […]


I always felt like im not enough. Not enough to fit in the people expectations of me. People always thought that I am a one tough cookie. But hey, cookies break apart too. It mellowed when being dawn in water or milk. Or simply break into pieces when being thrown on the floor I am […]

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