Hail the Collapsing

and would you do me the honor I think this catastrophe could save me somehow if I pray hard enough for it to. I am attuning myself to loose things because I’d lose my mind if I dont try to because who the fuck do I think I am and after all what good is […]

Like Dying I mean Like Dying

Come across my mind in slideshows and slow music I’d dance to your name all the time it finds a reason for coming out of my lips. I think God had purposely made everything to resemble the way your heart beating. I mean the vulnerability is deliberate the vulnerability is easy. Like dying I mean […]

I Wrote One For Myself- A Eulogy

Nobody else would have taken her side anyway. The girl wasn’t loved she was sympathized with. “I’m writing these poems anyway. when I die they aren’t gonna be pathetic no more they’re gonna be pretty. they’re gonna remember whose heart it is that they’re carrying.” Thank you for the brief sense of relief from the […]

Stand My Ground

I watch his eyes flutter like they’re so afraid of closing. he’s digging into his own palms clutching to the bed sheet a little bit too tightly and I know the cuts would be bleeding still in the morning. I know it doesnt make a difference no matter how close the distance are between our […]

By God

With you it was not lost. I don’t know what to call it. It sure was slow, it was screeching. But by god it never felt wrong see, my heart didn’t read you as a tragedy. With you it was not lost. I haven’t had a name yet for when my heart’s holding on tightly […]

I Miss You In Slow Motion

There‚Äôs a glimpse of longing that passes by the window every night. It pulls hard on the chest. I feel my lungs gagging for air before it sinks deep into the pit of my stomach and it just sits there. and become silent. I feel my body deteriorate in the meantime. Its inside all scattered. […]

Only Way I Know How

This is nice. I don’t remember ever hugging you quite this softly. like convinced that you’re not planning on going. like knowing with the whole of my heart that this is it. that I’ve got you now and I’m surrendering me. But, look, I practically am still on my knees. I honestly don’t know how […]

Call You Home

It must have been easy. Knowing I’d always come crawling back to your doorstep all crumpled and dirty. You were always ready to pick me up, everytime. Clean the blood off my feet my knees and my palm, then quietly Just quietly letting me heal. Said you like seeing the proof on my body that […]


Senang benar kau seret merata jantung aku lambung-lambung tinggi jiwa aku bila-bila waktu kau suka. Senang benar kau tangkistepis kasih aku bila-bila kau tak mau waktu kau tak sunyi dan jiwa kau tak duka. Kerana yang kau tagih dari aku cuma esaktangis aku malam-malam. yang kau mahu lihat dari aku cuma aku yang demi engkau […]


Dia antara ramai-ramai manusia yang paling aku kepengen pujuk dan redakan hatinya. yang teringin aku tadah tiap butiran jernih air mata yang dia biar takung dibalik dada. Dan biar aku yang kesat comot-comot dia. Biar aku yang hadap cengeng dia sampai tua. Kerana aku sudi. Lebih dari sanggup, menakung dia. Pin 0

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