Nobody should feel this way

I feel like my resilience is getting weak. I guess my way of quick fix doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I feel like I slowly become submissive to these emptiness and loneliness or maybe something that you’d call it a sickness. Nevertheless, it’s like part of me that handles that resilience thing has finally […]

Slippery slope

Are you listening? Are you there? May I ask you to keep me company? I promise to be good Just, Hear me out on this just one more time Do you ever hear about haptic memory? The memory specific to touch stimuli Like when I touched your hands without seeing them I know they’re yours […]

when everything is fading to black

When everything is fading to black When everything is fading to black When you’re slowly closing your eyes Maybe it feels like being lost in the clouds Maybe you’re starting to feel numb But it’s okay, because everything is going dark When everything is fading to black You should be smiling Because it’s not just […]

What My Parents Taught Me

This month, my mother will celebrate her 52nd birthday. Unfortunately, the miles separate us since I will still be in campus for my last semester. And I always regret not being able to be there to celebrate with my family. For starter, both my parents are teachers. My mother teaches at a local elementary school while […]

letter to ‘her’

Dear ‘her’,   Hi. How are you? It’d been a while isn’t it? To be precise, it’s about three months since we last met. Unexpectedly of course. As always. I wish you’re well and having the time of your life. How’s life? Based on the last time we met, I could tell that you’re happy. […]

Little do you know

Little do you know, I’m still having my sleepless night Because outside the window I can still see your ghost in white   Little do you know I’m still wondering If had I followed your shadow Would I still be the one you’re missing?   Little do you know You’re still main part of my […]

Internal voice

I consider my internal voice is my invisible friend, more or less like a five-year-old’s imaginary friend. Except that I keep it as someone I have a conversation regarding things I never say them out loud. This is pretty much our (almost) daily conversation; “We should run away you know. We should just quit and […]

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