I knew a dreamer spread hope to the hopeless loved those who yearned who believed when others do not but not in herself (sadly so)   I knew a dreamer blinded eyes with her smile warmed hearts where souls found home but a little broken she was (unfortunately so)   I knew a dreamer cared […]

the theory of us

he said we came from different planets fixed on our orbits, never meant to collide the scientists say even a mere graze of our hearts would be a colossal damage to the universe but in my mind was a love story 4.5 million years ago when the early Earth met a planet called Theia kissed, […]


i called him Summer because he was my sunshine while he thought he had blinding rays i told him he was warmth in his own ways he would then turn red and avoid my gaze but i still loved the fact that he smiled anyway somehow it slipped my careless mind that summers are just […]

love in kisses

my first kiss went a little like this we were standing under a palm tree i think it was a little bit after three it was a rainy day by the beach i guess most people could call this the perfect chick flick movie kind of kiss but really the story just went like this […]

tainted, restless soul

she is an earthquake. dreaded hurricane. a walking catastrophe—the kind that abruptly comes on a calm evening. leaves without realizing the damage she had done. she sees nothing else but the destruction upon her own self. as if she is blinded. an instant kind of calamity that wrecks anything she touches. she leaves traces everywhere. […]

27 Club Membership

(this was written for Projek Rabak’s Jayzuan’s book launch as a response to one of his poems about jim morrison’s grave; also credits to Jamal Raslan for helping me revise and polish the poem) —- “people are strange when you are a stranger” thinking that strange is different and different is good he never saw […]

inconsistent lovers

they do not call it being in love or to love. love is a forbidden word. they are allergic to it. love makes them puke. love makes them stray away from each other. they are too inconsistent for love. some sort of an almost lover, but not quite. can’t stand to be friends, can’t stand […]

the cigarette enthusiast

she is a cigarette enthusiast. burns through different packs, one after another. lost count of how many packs she finishes in a day. lost count of how much money she’d lost to this sickening addiction. makes up for it anyway with countless part-time jobs. here and there. everywhere. never really committed full-time. never really was […]

To the Maker of the Stars

(♫) My Maker, can you hear me? When will the pain end? My Maker, can you hear me? Am I supposed to suffer forever? Are you putting me through this because you love me? Or is this just a random chess game, only you forgot to turn my fate? My Maker, I’m so small yet […]


i have my mother’s eyesbig and wide like a poolone can drown in its curiositymy eyelashes are compass needlesi had the heart of a scouteyes eager to explorei was a disney princess ready to take on the worldand catch the magic that hung the twinkles in my eyesbut princesses come across dragonsin the shape of […]

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