i can already feel how my week is going to be. shitty as any other week. i can already feel my presence being unwanted. friends turning their backs, smiles turning to frowns. im needed only when wanted, till im used i no longer matter. i serve no purpose as a friend, there is nothing i […]


Shut up. I’d tell myself to shut up. Thoughts so loud it’s not as if I could be heard. Mind like a crowd it’s not as if I could escape. So fucked up I couldn’t get myself to look at your face. So frail, my arms couldn’t carry even the slightest weight. Be amazed, at […]

I miss you

The day we took a lonely train to Cheras, you self portrayed as if you were imperfect.   from head to toe, fingers and teeth, imperfections are all puzzle pieces that fit perfectly to form beauty.   Your giggles and laughter are bait, luring my mind to its cage, trapping in a swirl of thoughts […]

letters to Jane #6

dear Jane, From the first day I wrote about you, it had already shown how much of a vulnerable person I really am. The first word had broke open the hardest outer layer, and words that followed just ripped every layer of me to reveal the core, out in the open web, where people could […]

letters to Jane #5

dear Jane, I’m sorry I’ve upset you. I should’ve known how much it meant for you to want to be here. It wasn’t you being over sensitive, it was me being insensitive. It breaks my heart too that you can’t be around anymore, I honestly couldn’t explain how empty the first day was. But I […]

All I see is you

Walking the pathway, Your silhouette behind the shade of green and blue. By the little staircase, My eyes wander the hallways where you used to walk through. Yellow circular seats, My thoughts recall the evenings I used to spend with you. All around these sorrow hallways, All I see is you. Pin 1

letters to Jane #4

dear Jane, I’ve heard things aren’t really going well for you lately. Going through what you go through isn’t easy for anyone. People and their remarks, they never seem to come to a fullstop. They always have words they want to throw at you. But always remember you are the better person. To speak up […]

A day with you

I stood by the train to give you one last wave and to hold in the pain of not seeing you again. I waited by the escalator to watch you descent and hope to see you later as soon as you can. aren’t so nice are they ? the goodbyes we gave but a day […]

letters to Jane #3

dear Jane, Today is a little different. I’m missing you a little more. I’ve had it in my mind actually, for quite some time now. I’m just watering over the sprouts of my thoughts of you, hoping that when I get to see you my mind would become a field of blossomed flowers. I want […]

letters to Jane #2

hey Jane, I hope things are going well over there. Things aren’t so well here though, you’ve probably already sensed it. For a supergirl like you, it was probably so obvious its as if you’re seeing me in front of your very eyes. Things aren’t so well at home. I’m just a little lost, everyday […]

letters to Jane #1

hey you , thank you . I think you’re beautiful inside out too . And beautiful really is the word that suits you . i think i’ve been around you long enough to admire how well you treat others, to see how wide you smile when you’re happy . i want you to always be […]

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