Mother Her mother is crying in the driver’s seat. She had asked for wrapping paper for her books, which her mother forgets amidst everything else and now her mother is angry at them both. My mother is so very human and I am such a child, she thinks. She is seven years old, and she […]

There is No God Here.

There is no god here, Between the pews of a grand cathedral Empty save for a young girl praying fervently, Desperate for an empty womb. Her only mistake, believing in empty promises There is no god here, In this large space that sings of the Greatness of God While the hungry starve and His servants […]

Why am I so pathetic ohmygod

Grey sneakers Short curls Sneaky smiles Easy jokes Hungry eyes (Watching, wanting, wishing) Look away You suffocate me.   Text messages “Fair lady” “Good sir” Racing heart Eyes on phone screen (Waiting, waiting, waiting) Blinded by sudden lights You resuscitate me. 18/8/14 Pin 0

Love, your smile.

Love, You are beautiful A map of bruises and scars   Love, How it saddens me When the world continues To crush you Again and again   You smile and brush off the dust You stand and hold out your hands You keep hoping for something in return.   Never mind that the dust thickens […]

Dictionaries Make Perfect Gifts.

I think I was seven or eight. My dad gave me a dictionary. A perfect gift. English to Malay, Malay to English. Maybe it wasn’t anything special, since my brother got one too Maybe I made it special, when I first cracked its spine. There were long, long words scribbled across the inside cover, Which […]

Broken Glass

(A/N: this was my submission for 100hundred last year.) She stares at the girl, the spineless little thing. Always cowering. Always crying. Always bruising. She stares at the girl’s split lips, the black and blue coloring the skin under her shirt. When they lock eyes, she offers a small smile. The girl does not see. […]

Monday Morning Memories

  He wakes up to his mother’s yelling. It is always the same thing: Wake up and take a goddamn bath. Breakfast is ready. Father is – no. He isn’t waiting. Not anymore. Where is my phone, he wonders. His spindly fingers search the mattress, occasionally stumbling upon magazine pages and empty coke bottles. He […]

There Is Something

There is something tantalizingly beautiful In the seductive curve of your smiles In the burning fire of your eyes In the length of our silences As fingers touch and hearts explode Into a shower of stars and whispered promises As breaths mix and senses heighten Into swirls of delirium and dizzying euphoria   There is something […]

Saturday Morning Loneliness

Far It is Saturday morning and she is awoken with a start. She stifles a yawn as she gets up and takes in her surroundings. She looks around her and she sees her little sister, fast asleep across the spacious bed. If she listens closely, she can hear the snoring of her two brothers in […]

Hate Letter

Far This is a hate letter. A simple confession, if I may call it that. Simple is not something I would ever use to describe the way my mind thinks. How it ticks. I just want to feel better. I want to think with my heart, though that isn’t very smart. Oh, you. How you’ve […]

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