how to be happy

What makes a relationship work? What is the most fundamental thing you need to have in order for a relationship to last? What do you have to offer, to make sure things turn out ok? yourself. You have to give up yourself. You have to give up putting yourself first, and thinking of the benefits […]

I’m not nice.

I don’t feel nice. People tell me I’m nice. I do nice things. I do things to make other people’s life easier. I try my best to make sure I don’t burden them. I help them in any way I could. But that doesn’t make me nice. People say I’m nice. I say all the […]

Long time no write

As I type, glances of my own features reflect itself in the dark pane of the notebook screen clean features, if somewhat messy hair disheveled eyes framed dark with heavy bags hanging loosely I wore earrings today. No particular reason. I just felt like I wanted to feel a bit prettier It didn’t work tho […]


I give up. I give up in trying to be perfect I give up in trying to finish my projects I give up in trying to do anything I give up. Life’s a bitch, and then you die. Heard that one before? it’s quite famous. Very famous actually. Here’s something they don’t tell you tho […]

shitty things inside my head

The fault of imperfection leading to misdirection where you crave affection receive misleading attention involved in a new relation in another dimension just to realise the mistake of the unknown frustration to fall for infatuation and go through a great depression when in the end you’re not the selection of the devil’s reincarnation left with […]

Society’s definition of a Girl

I don’t know how to act the way society wants me to act No, don’t get me wrong I know it all in theory I know how to be a girl I know I should talk sweetly walk lightly, gracefully speak quietly, listen attentively I know it all From how I should put my hair […]

Beauty Standards… a cliche

Welcome to Malaysia Where to be beautiful, your skin must be as fair as snow smooth and clear with a pinkish glow It has to be free of acne clean and clear, baby your eyes must be big and round framed with thick, curly lashes your nose must be small and pointed and lips thick […]

A little bit of Jason Mraz

Drain the veins in my head Clean out the reds in my eyes to get by security lines Dear x-ray machine Pretend you don’t know me so well I won’t tell if you lied Cry, cause the droughts been brought up Drinking cause you’re looking so good in your starbucks cup I complain for the […]

My Untitled

I used to write All my fight All my tears, my fears ignite When I try with all my might To save the world and see the light Don’t be afraid Be strong, nothing’s wrong Just be yourself tho you don’t belong Stand out, stand tall Don’t be afraid to fall Get up and brush […]

In the middle of September

Of all the things I still remember Summer’s never looked the same The years go by, and the time just seems to fly But the memories remain. In the middle of September We’d still play out in the rain Nothing to lose, but everything to gain Reflecting now on how things could’ve been It was […]


I miss you. I miss the way you treated me I miss hearing your voice I miss hearing you laugh I miss seeing your smile I miss the random calls from you I miss us the random facetimes I miss the way you treat me I miss the way you hold me I miss the […]

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