It’s 11 11 and I am still lost I should’ve left that day I don’t want to keep writing about this, it makes me feel pathetic I don’t want to keep waiting either, no one is coming home That part of me is long gone and I shall go and create a new piece That […]


It’s true I’m growing up but it does not turn out as what you have expected of me or even what I expect of myself I think more of what I should have received just like any other kids of my age but I guess I’m not a kid anymore in your eyes I can […]

Back on track.

Wake up darling he is being nice because he is a nice human being if he is cocky, you will say that he’s an arrogant guy if he is nice, you are saying that he…. likes you? nah Wake up darling stop your delusions those memories of you and him are only being romanticized by you he talks […]

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