Feeling 01

Have you ever feel like you don’t know what you want in your life? I think I have quite an okay career to keep living. But I don’t feel happy because I’m not into what I’m doing and at the same time, I don’t even know what I want. I don’t have hobby or interest […]

Untitled 01

Move on. Not as easy as we write it down. Not as easy as you spend your money on things you like. It takes courage. No matter how you think about moving on, if your heart is not allowing it, you’d still feel your left chest aching. Pin 0

Photographs and Memories

Whenever I looked at your photohraphs, it felt as if you were smiling at me. And when I looked at our photographs, I remember it used to give me tingles, a happy feeling. But now, I get a different feeling. That smile is for someone else. That look is for someone else. Pin 2

Little Did I Know

It was the day I know would be hard for me to forget. It was raining cats and dogs outside. I was in a 20 storey building. I stood outside at the balcony, looking at the traffic from level 14th, cars could hardly move. I took a glace at my watch. 5.30pm. “It’s time to […]

She said..

“I’ve seen you, madly, deeply in love. You looked like you would give the world away to the person. Your eyes were shining, your cheeks were as red as roses everytime you looked at him. Then he broke your heart. And it broke my heart seeing your world change. When I saw you cry, I […]


I hope I can keep making people feeling warm. I hope I can have someone to make me feel so too. I pray for all of you to be healthy, physically and mentally. May the year brings us more happiness and blessing. Pin 2

Why Do We Live?

Have you ever wonder; When the wind blow, where does it go? How does it end? Does it fade? But too lazy to read about it. So you just live. I have it in my mind. Pretty often. Almost everyday when I wake up, I have these casual thought; “Oh, it’s working day again”. So […]

Love and Past Times

You were my partner and bestfriend. My family were like yours. My cousins were our bestfriend. My bestfriends were your bestfriends. Your bandmates were my bandmates. We travelled together. We ate together. We shop together. We watched football together. We played arcade together. We played basketball together. We jammed together. We went to gigs together. […]

Feelings and Darkness

The world may seem bright today, But inside, nobody knows it is dying. Shadows are haunting for the happy souls. Bitterness is taking over the laugh. Darkness is eating over the rainbows. When everyone’s laughing, we never know if there’s a heart crying. When everyone’s celebrating, we never know if someone’s dying. To live with […]

Invaded Sunshine

Behind this sunshine is a worry feeling. The eyes are smiling, the heart is crying. Darkness invades. Light is dying. Nobody notice. Flowers are dancing with the wind while it sings. Birds chirping harmonising the song. Forgetting the emptiness behind the sunshine. Pin 0

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