Words For You

After all this time, you’re still the first thing that I think about every morning. On days when it’s raining and the sky’s grey and gloomy, I would think of how are you doing. What ever that you’re doing and wherever you’re going. That day, when you asked why do I love you, it was […]


She is not ordinary. For she is irreplaceable. When I’m too busy looking at stones, she’s the only diamond that I’ll ever need. She is full of life, she herself is life. People would say that we, that I myself should live as if heaven’s on earth. Well, she’s a part of that heaven. For […]

Hey There

Hey there beautiful, You’re gonna be alright Because you’re gonna shine bright You’re gonna do everything just right All those tears you’ve cried every night Will all fade into starlight. Hey there pretty, Someday you’re gonna be worthy You’re gonna be whatever You wanna be And all those people will look at you And see […]

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