Full Stop

I keep telling myself yang segalanya akan terubat, But who am I kidding kini jelas sekali we’re too late, I mean kita punya peluang but we blew it, Again and again He gave the right saat but we didn’t take the bait, Serves us right for thinking kita boleh kembali back to how it all […]


Diam aku terpaku di sejadahku, Tears streaming down my face, Terkandas aku sekali lagi dihadapanMu, This time I hope it’s not just a phase; For the longest time rasa sayu, And aku tak tahu what’s up with me lately, Afraid of the past catching up I turn to You, But I couldn’t ask sekali lagi, Tak kira betapa I […]


Sebenarnya I’m not afraid of the dark, At least not as much as I’m afraid of the crowd, Sebab dalam sunyi malam everything’s quiet, The loudest critic are just my thoughts, But in the face of others it’s empty threats, cacian…oh boy, how mengarut! Sure I’m afraid sebenarnya to meet the one, Because to do […]


Kita cepat melatah whenever others are at fault, Tapi bila kita salah we’re the first to bolt, No accountability whatsoever tapi pandai tambah salt, Tak sedar that instead of done dakwah sebenarnya tu assault. Kita ada opinion for everything whether solicited or not, Sometimes advice dengan nada condescending but for what? Mungkinkah we’ve got God […]


I woke up wanting to kiss you, Even though I tahu you’re not there, My bed empty and cold from missing you, So I tarik selimut to keep you before you hilang into thin air; I woke up wanting to taste your words, Every letter manisnya di bibirku puts a smile on my face, As […]


Berikan aku sedikit ruang untuk speak my mind for a change, For it has been quite some time since I last tulis anything, So obviously I’ve got a lot terbuku dalam ruang hati yang near exploding, Segala persoalan di minda I can’t no longer simpan within, Because the truth is out there bak kata X-Files […]

Bila Bercinta

You know how bila bercinta, Sometimes tak tahan lama mana, Bukan sebab you tak try hard gila, And when I kata try hard bukan pura-pura, Tapi memang because you suka sama suka, Mahu beri segala to satukan dua dunia, Only problem is tak semua nak lihat you gembira, Kadang ada yang can’t see other people […]


Tak kenal maka tak cinta, And that’s just permulaannya, Practice makes perfect kata mereka, So you can’t just stop bila tak ada idea. This piece I dedicate to all of you, Because I’m not here to tulis macam dulu, I’d much rather see bakat muda lagi baharu, And get inspired instead of kongsi kata-kata yang […]

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