The Red Shirt

I noticed. I noticed how you had that one shirt you adored. That one shirt you wear whenever you had to go to a meeting or to an important event. That one shitty-looking shirt that you like so much I didnt bother to condemn. You look best when you’re confident, and i like seeing you […]

If I Were A Man

if only i were a man, then id atleast have a chance, to love you even before life began, and finally make your heart whole again.   if only i were a man, will i then be in your hands?  will your embrace be more than just between longing friends?  and will my efforts finally […]


I’ve been eyeing on you for awhile, You look happy, always putting on a smile. I’ll spark some hate, to make you insecure, and the next day you’ll loath yourself for sure. Im in your room, darker than the shadow, accompanying you at night, wiping away all your sorrow. I didnt cause your sadness, it […]

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