The Red Shirt

I noticed. I noticed how you had that one shirt you adored. That one shirt you wear whenever you had to go to a meeting or to an important event. That one shitty-looking shirt that you like so much I didnt bother to condemn. You look best when you’re confident, and i like seeing you […]

If I Were A Man

if only i were a man, then id atleast have a chance, to love you even before life began, and finally make your heart whole again.   if only i were a man, will i then be in your hands?  will your embrace be more than just between longing friends?  and will my efforts finally […]


I’ve been eyeing on you for awhile, You look happy, always putting on a smile. I’ll spark some hate, to make you insecure, and the next day you’ll loath yourself for sure. Im in your room, darker than the shadow, accompanying you at night, wiping away all your sorrow. I didnt cause your sadness, it […]

Left Alone In Self Loath

do you not know that i’m in despair? that i prayed for your presence but you were never there. you said you loved me, you said im dear, so why did you leave me alone to suffer? i gave you every little sign that im not okay, but you ignored every indication that im going […]

I Guess It’s Farewell.

You’re in space far away. Surrounding you are the rays of sun and the stars’ parade. I’m underneath the ground, undetectable in the ocean. And that makes us unfortunately, inevitably parallel. Your gaze as if as clear as your reflection, looking down on me must be downright your ‘purest’ intention. I’m okay with the predicaments […]


Confused, it might just be for a short time. be truthful? no ones brave enough to even try. you’re afraid of hurting, i understand. but it’s time for you to accept atleast one helping hand. and so after, rainbows and stars would surface. the ocean wont be contaminated just because of a thin, dying grace. […]


Do whatever your heart leads you to do, get laid and leave your brothers behind you. you can escape your worries and for awhile, be free. but you won’t be able to escape feeling empty. take a deep breath, and let it go. not just your breath, but all the things you hid because of […]

Morning Rain.

I woke up to the sound of peace the sound of the sky crying in midst the melody that put the broken-hearted at ease one of god’s most aesthetic masterpiece. i woke up at six fifteen and like it’s my morning routine i woke up and question myself deep within will this self-loathe something i’ll […]

Live, Daisy.

daisy, dont die. you’ve given the bees your nectar, you’ve given the bugs a shelter, you’ve given humans the chance to breathe your air, a chance to see you bloom. a beauty beyond compare. it may be a garden but there’s no flower that can ever replace you. i’ll allow petals to fall down, but […]

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