Let them go, both hatred and rage Which buried deep down the core, You might find peace and solace, During the night and in silence, No more hearing voices. Voices that has been taunting and haunting, Since suicidal thoughts starts popping, Seems like nothing are stopping, Until the day i stop listening. Pin 3


Lit up a cig, dying slowly Life is meaningful so they said, Its fills with loneliness and misery Pray to god, they said Demons doesnt stop even if i pray, Pin 0


Toxic, is best to describe him, For years I abdicate myself for him, What do i get in return? Just another heartbreak. All hell break lose if i decided not to listen to him, But he hides his own wrong doing from me, I was the foolish one, For letting he hurt me, Not Physical […]

Sick and Twisted mindset

Have you ever felt like bad things happend because someone screwed up? But in reality, it was all you. You messed up something but cant seem to blame yourself. You choose to be ignorant. You choose to blame others, for things that you did. Kept on reminding yourself, that you didnt do anything wrong. Kept […]

Im back😆

Hello there! Its been a while since the last time i wrote something up here. I guess it was because i havent had any episodes. But not tonight. Hahaha. Tonight, i was feeling a lil gloomy. Most prolly because its the time of month hahah plus other issues as well. Moving on, i would like […]

Miss being a Kid

At the age of 13, I wished to be an adult For I was never happy at home, Twas going through a phase of rebellion, Prefers schools over home, Would chose friends over fam bam, Now, at 21, I longed to be a kid Realizing what homesick are Missing the homecook meal, Surprising, I miss […]

The Irony

“Admit your mistakes when you screwed up, dont give me excuses.” Said he, the one who constantly shatter my heart to pieces. It is ironic when you think about it. You were upset because i took a photo with a boy. Whereas you on the other hand did the same ,previous 2 week. You didnt […]

Let it all out

Most of my post that I wrote was basically the time i had my episodes of breakdown. Whatever that i wrote, came from the core. Thanks for those who left their thoughts down below. It does somehow lift me up a little inside. Hence, i dedicated this post to those who are having troubles in […]

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys. That’s what the elders said whenever boys are in trouble Or whenever they screwed things up. But, they were never held accountable for their wrong doings. As matter of fact, they were let off the hook. It is different for girls. One slight mistake, You are labelled as the bad egg. […]

Death Wish

I have a death wish. I wished to be dead. Even though I am alive and well. I wished to be dead. It all begins when I was in Standard Two. There I begin to think that death is much simpler. Why? I do no think that I am worthy of anything. I do not […]

Moving On?

Moving on? It is easier said than done, especially when you are an emotional needy person. It seems easier for you. So why can’t I do the same? It should be easy. It is easy, right? I am beginning to wonder why all of your exes-starting to dump you or cheated on you. You didn’t […]

Love is?

Love is, Evolving around two people. Love is, When 2 hearts become one. Love is, Give and take. Love is, About giving support and attention when things get rough. Oh no, But for you Love is, Individuality. Love is, Focusing on one self, yourself. Love is, Unworthy of your time. Why bother fallen in love […]

Confession of a sad girl

Anger, hatred, despair, loneliness, unwanted, neglect, Insecurities; are the repressed feelings of my own. I can’t express them freely as no one really listening or give damn about it. Once, I tried seeking help I needed from the hospital but they stopped me. “It will jeopardize your future career!” she said. They all think I […]

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