Well, this isn’t my first time falling in love. The idea of it doesn’t make any sense. Makes me crazy every time I could even think of it. The idea of forgetting existential loneliness, to be something better than what you already are. It’s funny that whenever people say that you’re not good enough for this and that. What I can say is that, those people envy you. You know you’re good enough, you know what you’re capable of. So why let those words hold you back?

Being in love with someone is indescribable. Realising that you have such feeling for someone, is beyond imaginary. It’s going to be painful, hell yeah someone’s going to get hurt. Ego will be your best friend if you keep on feeding it. Jealousy will strike you any time if you don’t conceal it. Being able to tolerate someone’s shit is hard. Commitment and effort is what holds the bond in place. It’s not easy or hard, you just have to know what you’re doing. But why go through all those things for someone?

To be in love and to be loved by someone, to rely on someone, to have someone by your side. Forgetting that it’s just temporary happiness. Wanting more of what you have. Knowing that it’s endless. But would you let things go when it ends?

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