Annabelle doll in Malaysia?

“The Annabelle doll escaped on August 14, 2020 at 3.00 a.m in The Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, United States.-  Local news.


“Guys! Can you believe this! The most haunted and possessed doll in the world has gone missing and the whole world is going bananas over it!” Nuqman exclaimed as he scrolled the online news on his phone”


“Yeah right, I read about it just now and they even got it trending on Twitter and I got to say those Annabelle memes were pretty funny” Addin replied as he packed his bags. “I just hope they find her soon before another Conjuring movie happens, ” Rafiqi added while sitting lazily on his bed.


“What if Annabelle finds her way here? Will she take our soul and kill us?” Nuqman jokingly said  before looking at both Rafiqi and Addin for their reaction

 “Are you crazy? Annabelle is in the US and we are in Malaysia, literally half way across the globe and it’s almost impossible for her to just randomly show up in our dorm room. And, if she just so happens to be in Malaysia-which is impossible- she will not certainly come to UIA GOMBAK for whatever reason.” Rafiqi lays out his points, emphasizing on the “UIA GOMBAK” as though to indicate that the Islamic university is blessed and free from any black magic whatsoever.


“Yeah right, I was joking. Will you just relax?” Nuqman chuckles before punching Rafiqi in the shoulder. Addin just smiled at his friend’s shenanigans as he continued to pack his clothes. It was the last day before semester ends, a lot of other students had gone back to their hometowns early. At this moment, there was only Addin, Rafiqi and Nuqman left in the whole college block. They purposely chose to go back home late and together, just to enjoy the last moments before the long holiday. It was quiet and creepy at night and Nuqman’s joke about the missing doll was not appreciated by Rafiqi for a number of reasons. Who on earth will? 


“Come on guys, it’s getting late, let’s just call it a night already and get some sleep. We got a long journey back tomorrow” Addin finally finished his packing. Nuqman had already yawned and Rafiqi’s eyelids were falling. With that, they went to sleep immediately; not knowing Nuqman’s joke was about to happen.




It was 4.30 a.m. Rafiqi woke up and could not fall back to sleep. His roommates were long asleep and the sound of their snorings made it harder to fall back to sleep again. Rafiqi felt uneasy, he had turned around left and right and shifted his body to different positions but still could not sleep. His nose was feeling itchy all of the sudden and he let out a loud sneeze.


Bless you” A soft but eerie voice replied. 


“WHAT THE F-?! WARGHHHHH!” Rafiqi shrieked the hell out and it definitely woke his roommates up. Nuqman and Addin rose up immediately and went to Rafiqi who was screaming.


“Rafiqi calm  down, what on earth happened?” Addin tried to get hold of Rafiqi but he was still being hysterical. “Rafiqi please breath, calm yourself!” He tried to hold his frantic hands from punching and kicking but he was still being manic.




“Rafiqi calm the fuck down and tell us what happened” Nuqman slapped Rafiqi in the face and somehow he calmed down.


“I heard a voice guys! I was sneezing then I heard this small voice say something and then I got freaked out and and…I thought I heard Annabelle’s voice” Rafiqi nervously described his horrific incident to his two friends. They both seem puzzled before looking at each other.


‘Well I guess that you just got carried away with Nuqman’s joke and had a bad dream” Addin tried to seem logical.


“Yeah, that’s probably it” Nuqman shortly replied before yawning. “And plus, you said it yourself that Annabelle could never be here” 


“But I’m right here” The small voice suddenly whispers.


The trio looked at each other before looking up to the source of the voice-on the locker and there it was. Freaking Annabelle doll was sitting there perfectly, watching them from above. That is when the three of them shrieked out their lives.




“GET THE QURAN  GUYS! GET THE MATHURAT! HECK, GET THE YASIIN WE GOT DURING TAARUF WEEK! NOW’S THE TIME TO UTILIZE THOSE FREE STUFF THEY GAVE US!” Nuqman frantically yelled. They all scattered across the room, looking for protection. Addin grabbed the broomstick while Rafiqi immediately opened the Muslim Pro app. The trio stand in combat mode, getting ready to defend themselves from the demonic doll across the room.


Annabelle just sits motionless on the the locker. It was quite all the sudden but the atmosphere was intense. The three of them stared at her like a hawk, eyeing her slightest move. Rafiqi was ready to open the Quranic verse on full volume, Addin holding the broomstick like it was some sacred sword and Nuqman held the Yaasin on both of his hands for double protection. They were ready and she knew it.It was quiet for 5 long minutes before Nuqman realised something- what the hell are they doing? Like is this even logic?


“Hold up guys, this is stupid. Like how the heck is Annabelle even here. IT’S FREAKING MALAYSIA AND SHE IS LITERALLY HERE IN UIA GOMBAK. DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE?” Nuqman shouted. Addin and Rafiqi exchange looks and all of them lowered down their ‘weapons’. They all walk slowly to Annabelle to examine her. She was still motionless, with that creepy innocent smile. “Maybe she’s fake?” Rafiqi spoked. The trio stared at her with blank expressions.


“What the fuck are you guys staring at?It’s bad enough I got stuck in a small glass case where people stared at me and now you guys too?” Annabelle hissed.


The trio screamed before backing off. “Okay, she’s real. We’re dead.” Addin’s voice trembled.


“Guys, this still doesn’t make sense. Annabelle is here, freaking Annabelle from the Conjuring movies is here in our mahallah at uia Gombak. And we’re just standing here like we’re blessed or something. I mean we should be worried….right?” Rafiqi gulped. Nuqman was silent but suddenly something triggered his thoughts.


“The portal door! That’s it!” Nuqman suddenly exclaimed. 


“ The what now?” Addin and Rafiqi jinxed. 


“The portal door, I watched Ed & Lorraine Warren’s documentary and one of their cursed items is a portal door which was believed to transport you into different places. So that’s how Annabelle got here. She used the portal door to escape the occult museum” Nuqman explained as if he had solved a murder scene.


“Well that’s that so what now? Heck we never even dealt with domestic ghosts like Pontianak or Langsuir and now suddenly we  are dealing with a white ghost all the way from America and with what? Yaasin and Muslim pro apps? Are we even serious?” Addin said unsuringly. 


“Yeah, Addin’s right and do quranic verses work on them? I mean Annabelle is considered a white  ghost right? Rafiqi asked. Nuqman looked at Annabelle and slowly approached her again.


“Listen you demon, we’re malays and we know how to fight, so state your business here and don’t even dare to do something funny. One wrong move and we will soak you in ‘air yasin’ and trust me, it hurts twice more than holy water” Nuqman bossily said. 


“You malay boys are nonsense and it makes me wanna go back to my glass case but I don’t want to do that. I’m just here to escape my prison and to never come back there. I mean no harm. I want your help to put me somewhere people will never find me” Annabelle explained.


“Bullshit. There’s a reason why you are locked up because girl, you literally went around stealing souls like it was nothing. Don’t act dumb! We watched enough conjuring movies to know your business and we certainly will never help you demon!” Rafiqi fumed. 


“Plus why the heck would you transport yourself to uia Gombak out of all the places in the world? You could have gone to Paris or London but no, you just had to come here?” Nuqman questioned.


“Listen, as much as I want to escape the museum, do yall’ really think I want to be here? There’s mosquitoes everywhere and weirdos like you, I rather be drowned in holy water than being here” Annabelle ranted.


“Ouch, we just got called out by a demonic doll”Addin stated. 


“Nuqman, what should we do?I mean you’re the expert in this” Rafiqi asked, still afraid of Annabelle. Nuqman stared at his friends and thought about a plan. He knew well enough to not trust Annabelle or else they are all gonna regret it. His mind thought of an idea. He looked at the clock on the wall, it was almost subh and the adzan was only a few minutes away. His view shifted to a nearby rope on the table next to the locker and suddenly he got an idea.


Nuqman signalled the time to Addin and rafiqi and they both nodded, alerting the time when the adzan will come. All they need right now is a little more time.


“Hey Anna-bitch, I don’t trust you for a second. You are a demon and I’ve seen your petty movies enough to not trust you. Plus, why the heck does your makeup look somewhere like a Sephora makeup sample” Nuqman purposely roasted Annabelle to buy them time.


Rafiqi and Addin were getting ready to do whatever they thought Nuqman was planning. 


“Excuse me???Now I’m mad. Do you want me to curse you and steal your soul?” Annabelle fumed. She was mostly triggered about the Sephora remarked that Nuqman pointed out. The room began to shake and the lights were flickering due to her wrath.


“Well Annabelle, the whole world is looking for you and we, Islamic students of uia Gombak are not going to let you escape and will make sure you are going to be locked up again. Addin, Rafiqi now!” Nuqman yelled. Precisely on time, the subuh azan started to commence and the trio ran to attack Annabelle.


The adzan did make her weak, just how it should. Addin used the broomstick to knock her from the locker as if she was a cockroach. “Allah Akbar!” He yelled as he smacked Annabelle in the face, sending her to fall from the locker. Rafiqi was already putting Yassin on full volume and if that is not enough, he used Nuqman’s and Addin’s phone for extra backup. Nuqman quickly took Annabelle and tied her with the nearby rope and said a few zikir and prayers.


“Stop! What are you doing?! I can’t go back! I just got out! Warghh, it burns!” Annabelle doll screamed and the room began to shake even more intensely. 


“Addin, Rafiqi Quick! Let’s end this demon!” Nuqman screamed to his friends as he held the now tied Annabelle doll. Addin kept on smacking Annabelle in the face while non-stop yelling “Allah Akbar” while Rafiqi places the phones to Annabelle’s ear. She began to become weak and the room was slowly getting back to normal. Just as the adzan finished, the demon doll was contained and they were all safe and sound.


Nuqman grabbed his phone and immediately googled the occult museum’s phone number.


“Hello, Warren’s occult museum, I’m Nuqman and I’m calling from Malaysia, I believe we have captured your demon doll and it is securely contained…” Nuqman explained everything to the person on the phone. It took him 15 long minutes to explain everything and once he had finished and confirmed the authenticity of Annabelle to the authorities, he smiled at both Addin and Rafiqi.


“We did it guys! We defeated Annabelle!And now pack your things boys because we’re going to the United States to return the demonic doll. Tickets and accommodations are fully sponsored so get your ass up and get ready, our flight is this afternoon straight to the US” Nuqman happily said to his friends and they both grinned a victory smile.

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