#19 And again, she blamed herself.

To start like a new person is never be easy. She didn’t realized she already broke up two years ago. She fine. She already moved on. She is now happy on whatever she is doing now.
One day, she met a guy. A new guy that attracted her attention. In her mindset, she didn’t want to get involved. She already build a strong wall around her, to never be broken again. But ….
He texted her every morning and every night without missed. Asked her how was her day. She was happy because someone cared for her. She thought, maybe this time, she will try to open up again and start to love. But ….
Few times they fought over feelings. Both were unsure what they were doing now. One day, she was sure she wanted a new life with him together. To create new memories with someone new. She said she loved him, a sincere feeling she had after a terrible breakup before. She never felt so happy. She was so contained with happiness.
He made her stay with him. He made her to make a deal with herself to love, cherish, trust and loyal. To be there whenever he needed her.
But ….

The happiness was just a moment. Now, it’s gone.

There’s no more love.

There’s no more trust.

She’s broken now with a broken soul.

She blamed herself for falling a wrong guy.

when someone really likes you, they will never hurt you… and if they do, you can see it in their eyes that, it hurts them too

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