An Extrovert’s Love Letter

Take my hand.
My love, what do you fear? Speak, relinquish the things you hold dear – your guard, your walls, your protection. I have showed you much of the world I know, and this is how I am designed. But love… love is a different matter altogether. No matter how I have succumbed to the vocal masters of my own mind I tend to find serenity in the silence we share.
An enclosed space with you is rarely isolation. No, it is an elegant evocation. Moments are few, but the times I do seek refuge in loneliness, is the times when I am with you. There is no poison in my memories and no venom in my thoughts.
Show me the clockwork gears of your mind and I will be oil, I will toil, you will not be foiled. I am a revolving door and you are my pivot. Around I go,but always the same distance away from your grounding axis, your gripping words, and your chiseled smile.
There, my soul bare and my heart’s a tear. For you, what is left untouched. Illuminate my reckless torque with your cautious light. You are my capacitance.
Like a strike that breaks me, like the pauses in a movie, like the seconds of calm after the wave crashes to the sea, you are not my wings but the voice in my head that tells me I am too close to the sun. Continue, love, for you live in every word I speak. As I sink, you follow.
Pride becomes second tier to the warmth of your touch and I do not care for the mountains that have moved.
You are my esteem, you are my equilibrium.
I come, I write, I go.
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