am i allowed to have a broken heart?

because if not?

then why does it hurts so much when it feels like I’m hurting someone else just because my own heart is aching. is it because I am supposed to be strong for everyone? was my role in this life all along was to be the glue that holds the pieces together? but what if that piece just breaks? would that be my fault? was it my fault for not holding together strong enough? was the consequences in my hands even when everybody else gets to decide except me? was I supposed to be the anchor of the ship? but that’s a double meaning, right? either I would be the weight that holds and collect everyone and everything together before departure or I’m the weight that stops the ship from sailing.

so am I allowed to have a broken heart? or it’s just another feeling I should just put aside because my heart is just another string of wool that will never turn into something beautiful.

had a heart lined with cracks but i chose art to fill it.
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