Abstract and beautiful
Albeit needing some caution.
This is just a dedication
for your emotions and soul.

F for friendship, food,
For fish and chips, and froot.
Of my favourite things, there are few,
yet all of them remind me of you.

Sometimes you feel like you’re just a ginger,
but I see heavens in you ’cause of that innocence.
Each time we jam to your favourite singer,
know that your happy face is my sole prudence.

To love, to lose, to fight battles
Seeing you triumph is all that matters.
Naive, yet observant as I know you are,
your patience, darling, has taken us quite this far.

Remember when we ran through that small playground field?
You scraped your knee and I was in fits.
But since then we promised
with our silent words and unspoken agreement
that nothing would change – nothing, would be different.

So your vigor, vitality, as well as your voice –
To love unconditionally; let that be my choice.

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