Alphabet Abuse

Acerbic adjectives aren’t at all attractive
Abuse misuse seduce all reduced to nothing
Abstruse accused assaulting, I deduced to being
An airheaded muse to allay your angry raging

Bulldoze my boundaries
Bombard me till I’m broken
Like bombs you break my barriers
I bunt back but got broke in

Caught in calamity
Couples cause catastrophes
No choice, we’re casualties
Coiled under carcasses

Deadbeat deathly destroyer
Do dreaded signs of danger
Dictionary dude damager
Like a dog in the manger

Fuck, your favourite words you flung at me were fucking ‘Fuck You’
Fazed on the fiery floor you’d flip so I’d fall too

Interestingly idioms are all I can imagine to illicit ill-feels

Life won’t give you lemons, lest we let in luscious liars with lisp

Machiavellian masks, manipulative manners
Milk money from me, made me moan in madness
Mom said no dirty laundry, but it’s hard to keep mum
If men are trash, you’re the city dump

No noise for narcissists who never need your nicesies
No no not when they need nothing


I’ll pass your problems, paint-covered yo ass for public perception

Questions? I’m on a quest for questions, so my queries are queer

Red flags I didn’t see through rose-coloured rear mirror

Say, your sorries so skewed so shut up you snooty shithead
“Sik sengaja” sounds shitty for sins you shot

To the trash the times you forced me to spend on
You made ‘us’ feel like jail time with no bond

Verbal vitriol you vocalize, you vent you’re a victim
Vulgarly I verbalize your verbose verbiage verbatim
Vividly, I’m a vile vaudeville villain
Value Viktor Vaughn for verbs, verses, and venom

You wronged I wronged we wronged, it’s a wrestling where no one won

So wrestle me with “wisdom” on your WordPress
Wow me with words you wrecked my weak heart with
Wondrous writer you are, it’s no wonder
Wow-ed women with wits but then they wander

X is what they’re called after you walk away and dump ’em

Y is the question mark that curls with me as I cry

Z is for your Dragon Ball collection coz man sometimes I don’t know what you saiyan

There must be a Pulitzer material in my drafts here somewhere...
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