Alpha and Beta

We all know alpha is the superior one and beta is the inferior one. In simple concept that is. I wanna tie in the alpha and beta concept in our relationships. So basically, in any kind of relationships, there’s always one who is an alpha, or a beta.

Yes it is kinda like the top and bottom concept (if you know what i mean) but lets delve deeper than that. First off, lets define some term we are going to use. Alpha, is someone who is always receiving, the one who call the shots, who has more control over the relationship. A beta, is someone who is on the giving end, always following the alpha decisions, and didn’t mind being controlled over. My hypothesis, in any relationships, there’s is always an alpha and a beta, or both of them.

Let’s look on some examples. Picture you and a friend. Can you label yourself and theirs as an alpha or a beta? If you’re an alpha, you would be the one who is always receiving, and you did not show much affection towards your friend. If said friend is a beta, they wouldn’t mind having little affection, because he/she is a beta. Now if you’re a beta, you would find yourself being the more “effort” one, always giving something to your friend, and show a lot of affection towards them. A beta would look highly of an alpha and that may be the base of your friendship.

On love, romantic relationships, alpha and beta concept is more easy to spot. In a more stereotype world, we would often see the male as the alpha and the female as the beta. But wouldn’t it be interesting if the male is the beta right? (siiiiiiiiimp lol jk) . Another interesting concept that in a relationship, the alpha and beta roles is reverse based on the aspects of the relationship. I can only name a few, for example on giving love, the female might be the beta, always giving more to the male, but on giving reassurance, the male could be the beta, always giving reassurance to the female and the alpha female will always be on the receiving end.

Try to look around your circle of friends and label them as the alpha or beta in your relationships. If you cannot quite pinpoint the alphaness or betaness in them or yourself, then maybe you’re in an alpha-alpha or beta-beta relationships. I touch about them in the next post. Try to fiddle around that idea 🙂

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