All too well

A fatigue week of May,
she gives herself a walk,
accompanied by flying birds,
and the soft whispering of wind

sit there on a bench facing the lake,
pull on her earphones,
shuffle all 357 of her Walkman’s playlists,
Taylor Swift’s All too well first to be listened to

the past few weeks were hard for her,
she slept late pass midnight after her training,
and woke up as early for the morning class,
in hope of being too busy to even think of you

she loses track of herself,
as memories drag her to you,
tears streaming down her cheeks,
her heart crashes down in agony

she tries, but everything,
everything reminds her of you,
no matter how difficult things may fall on her,
the silhoutte of you won’t just fade

so she decided to wait,
she forever will,
cause she remembers it all,
all too well

20 y/o girl in search of herself and listen to old version of taylor swift's a lil way too much
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