Adults are a mess too

I used to think that adults were better. Much more powerful, stronger and reliable. I used to think that they were perfect. Always right hence why they wouldn’t understand our feelings.

When we were young we were emotional and full of anger. We thought that the world owed us. We held grudge for no reason. Over the time we became bitter.

We got angry that they didn’t understand us. We despise confrontation so we bite our tongues and held our tears. We got so caught up, we’ve forgotten that they were once us too. And still is.

Only less anger but still bitter. Emotional and a mess. No where near being perfect.

But I guess over the time they learned to hold back and clenched their jaw tight. With curled fist behind their back. Holding breath and tears.

But like balloons, if you pick with needle they burst. One loud pop and fall.

Some learned to let go. They’d unclenched their jaws and fist. Embracing their pain like an old friend. Some didn’t, they still bear grudges.

This is me writing as an adult. I’ve learned to let go of my anger but I’m still emotional. My words have become less resentful but more hopeful.

I still hate confrontation. Hence why I’m writing this. This is me biting my tongue and holding back my tears.

So hey,

Adults are messed up too.

I am what everyone ought me to be but myself.
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