Adore you.

I know it must be hurt for you too, sometimes.
I understand how hard it is to be in your positions, my love.
I felt that cause I used to be there.
I know you wanna be strong for everyone.
To carry the weight of the burdens for people that you care, to less the ache for people who loves you, to be patience for people’s attitude over you.
Everyone can reach their breaking points, so do you.
Everyone have their own limit and you have too, my love.
It’s okay to let everything go, it’s okay to break sometimes. You’re not weak but you’ve hold on everything for a long time. My love, did you realize?
You’re creating a hole inside of you.
You’re keep a distance from yourself.
You didn’t give a chance to breathe for your own life.
You build a wall to hide yourself.
Why my love?
Is it to statisfy other’s expectations and ruin what you stand for?
My love,
I say it now and I will say this again, forever.
People might hurt you.
Ignore you and use your kindness as your weakness.
People might not understand you, people can see you in the eyes for hours but they will never, can see what kills you inside. People can say a word and set them in fire because they will never mean what they said.
They will do that.
But I won’t.
People can say bad things about you, tell that how bad you are but I got one thing to say to them;
“You didn’t know him. You know him by name, you know him through rumours. You will never know the love of my life because you didn’t deserve that chance.”
My love,
I’m your backbone, I will hold everything for you. I got you from your back, so you won’t fall down. And if you wanna break, then just go with that, my love.
Some days will turns bad but it’s not a bad life. There’s a day might be worse, but tomorrow might lead to something magical that will bring every pieces of your life back.
I’m no a teacher, but I can teach you how to smile when life hits you hard.
I’m no a writer, but I can write you a story about amazing guy who inspired many with every little things that he do.
I’m no a singer, but I can sing you a lullaby about how you just bring the beauty and light into my life.
I’m no a professional fighter in the rings but I will fight for you even when the whole world against you.
And I’m no a mathematician because I can’t solve and count the times on how much I wanna be with you because “forever” might be hard to be calculate.
My love,
Being strong is to got yourself too. Care for yourself first, that’s important.
I always be here and be there for you.
I am everywhere when you need me.
When you’re down and lose yourself, part of me is breaking as much as you.
We’re one and everything that bothers you, will haunts me too.
I love you but you gotta love you as well.
Don’t be scared to fight for what you wanted to say or what you wanted want.
Just keep in your mind,
“I always got her.”
And yes, you will always got me.
Be strong my love!❤
Life trying to break you down because life-jealous on how great you can handle the troubles that it’s have caused you. You’re a threat because you’re amazing like you always be!
My heart and soul are with you, always.
Till then, don’t worry about the stars when the full moon is loving you.
I love you❤

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