Abu and I

Hi everyone

It’s my first entry here. Phew,i’m not really sure why I am here but i would like to share about this particular aloof cat;Abu. Let me remind you,she is the cat that appeared out of nowhere in front of our house.

At first,i fell in love with her.Her faded grey fur was not a common cat that we could find anywhere. It’s interesting because we didn’t intend to adopt her.How could we?She wasn’t ours.However, there was an urge,like she was destined to be with us. Sorry Abu if i am not a good mother to you,i wasn’t really ready. The moment we were together i knew i have fallen in love with you because you remind me of myself

Yeah,we are the expressionless creatures ever. We don’t talk much but we know we love each other. Sorry humans. We are boring like that.Our lives are not interesting 😂

How did we hang out together? She always followed me around whenever i needed to throw garbage at the disposal dustbin site. She seemed enjoyed enough to run aimlessly. You know you are beautiful baby.

Sorry Abu i have already fallen in love with you. I hope you know

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