A Year Ago

It was 12 March and exactly a year ago, she did everything possible to save a relationship. A year ago, she sacrificed herself, her feelings, her surroundings and tried so damn hard to put herself back together.

Exactly a year ago, she lost her precious heart once contained more than just a love for a person who left for another. A year ago, on this very day she stumbled and fell from grace for trying to win one’s heart though none of those went well.

As today, a year goes by she gets up and back to her feet she finds herself in a world of busy places, blurry faces she has hardened her heart. She won’t look back to those days which she crawled to live nearly came to her last gasp.

Well, it was 12 March and I didn’t get to wish you properly so, happy birthday. Thank you for making what and who I really am today.
He spends waaaaaaaaay too much time on this, but he finds joy in nothing else. Go easy on him.
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