a supposed new chapter

He still is the man of my dream regardless. I mean he’s not crazy good looking but he’s charming, the type that would hold your hand and gently massage your shoulder without being asked. Meeting him was refreshing. I mean, he is foreign. With a certain accent, such a turn on and plus, he is a real talker. Being with him was almost harmless. He’d take your mind off from the reality and just be in the moment. He almost makes me live the ‘carpe diem’ life but I still got my guardian angels besides me. He made me think that I can figure him out and on top of it all; he had really done something on me like he probably had whispered some motivation in me that made me feel really great about myself.

Or that might be one of his tactics in you know, making girls fall for him. But in that split second, it worked. I felt really good about myself, I felt reassured, I felt appreciated and especially loved. I mean, how can he do that? A part of me knows that he might be taking an advantage against my vulnerability, or the fact that I’m a fragile one but it was fun. Like knowing him had really changed how I see things in life or maybe for a while back. I really like him and the fact that I easily got attached to people that are nice to me is frustrating. I do feel like sometimes I came off too strong in terms of showing my affection but I don’t think that’s the case with this one. I feel like I want to make a typical generalisation because it is simply the truth; all men are the same.

It was supposed to be my new chapter. But it lasted for like two weeks only. I learnt a lot though during that period. For example, how an outwardly nice guy would also steal kisses from you, shoulders are the greatest pillow ever and boba could definitely hurts your teeth.
But in all seriousness, being called ‘baby’ throughout the process made things hurt less. Or I might be lying to myself because starting from now on I might find it hard to pick myself up again, I would feel crappy about my days, I would still be waiting for his replies or even his “hi babyy” or “goodnight baby” or “sweet dreams baby”.

Man, this is so sad. This is so painful. It is true they say. Things that go fast will crash. So this is it, right? I really hope this is not the end. A part of me wants believe that he had other reason- the affirming ones but my instinct- they are thinking otherwise. So much for a new chapter huh? Maybe the KLCC part of the date should not happened but oh well. What’s done is done. I’m the one with all the feelings and the one that put my heart on my sleeves.

the only forte of mine is having such a sensitive heart.
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