A scene

“Hey whatcha doin? Free? Lets watch a movie, NOW”
“hey, im at my college, not in the mood to watch movie”
“alahh, please.. just watch with me this one movie.. pretty please”
“fine-_- which mall?”
It was weird for him, she was never the type to beg or say please, but better a movie than doing nothing. Having her around in not that bad either

That’s the guy I’ve been waiting for, always been the one that caught my attention instantly even in the crowd. Greeting me with his smile. “hihi, thank you” wrapping my hand around his arm, even though he always have that annoyed expression. But I know him well enough to know. That’s how ‘us’ work

The movie will end in the next two hours, like always he will lend his shoulder for me to put my head on. 30 minute after..
“I have something to tell you, dengar tau, dengan hati dan perasaan”
“yeah, what is it”
I look at him, wishing he really listen this time.
He didn’t realise, he kept his eyes stick to the screen.

I cant figure her out, she has always something hidden and unpredictable, it’s odd to think that she only want to spent time with me out of nowhere for something so simple like movie date.. She asks me to listen to what she’ll about to say, maybe this will be just another trick of her confession. She loves to play around. I really wish she grow up, stop thinking that we’re the kids we used to be back in school.

“Im pregnant” I whisper to him.
And pull myself away and turn my head focusing on Spiderman refuse to know his face expression

She what?
Did I misheard such thing?
Why would she play around with that matter
I look at her, but there’s nothing I can read with that expression
the usual heartless expression,
Hard to decide what’s on her mind
You what? I asked her again in disbelief

“hey, lower down you voice boy, do you want me to tell the entire theater?”
She look at me, smirking, like everything she said was just a joke to her
She stare at me, moving her mouth expressing “I’m” and pointing her hand toward her tummy
“why did you tell me here?”

He was in shock, I’ve never seen him act in such manner
But I’ve thought of this, I’ve figure out every possibilities and how to react
it was better doing it with people around, so i dont break, cause i know my ego wont let my tears fall among crowd.
I replied “so that you don’t run, so that you stick with me for another 2 hours, so even if you’re here watching a movie, you have an ample time to figure something out”
“I’ve always know you’re insane, but this time, your insanity is beyond my expectation”

He wanted to left his seat,
“where are you going?”
“I cant stay here”
I let his hand go, and watch him as he go

There’s no other way for me to describe her, only unpredictable
She know me well enough to be extra careful in giving me any news
But she was pregnant, it was mine.
We were not in love, we have no relationship
We were together when we wanted to be together
And now she was pregnant with my kid?
Im not leaving her here, but I cant stay here either
So I left my seat.
She is still there, watching Spiderman as if what’s in her body is typical organ and she has no worries about it.

He will have to come back, I already took his phone
I watch the movie till the end

By the time I leave the theater he was waiting outside,
I gave him his phone
“im sorry” he said
He hold my hand and lead me to the parking.
*In the car*
“do you want me to be responsible?”
“yes, but not by marriage, you know Im not into any marriage life”
“are you saying you wanna get rid of it”
“help me financially till the end of the process, and from there we will stop”
“but it was our fault, does it really deserve to be thrown away”
“it was our fault, therefore we have to endure this between us, we are well aware of the risk”
I thought of this, I wont be able to provide my child with basic necessities, Im not being selfish even if it look like it, am I really afraid of the harsh word I might received? No it’s not about it. Any option I choose will lead to pain but we deserve the pain. But not the baby. I cant stop thinking I will only ruin a child’s future. Even if he wanted to be responsible, we still cant do anything about the life I imagine for my kids. We are college student. we did so many immature act and how can we have a child with us?
“I need more time to think”
I was blank, this involve a life of another human being. Ive done so many bad thing in life, but most of it only affect me as a person. But this isn’t just about the baby, what will happen to her.
Damn. I know she wouldn’t tell me what she actually feel about this.
*close microsoft word. Save as “a scene”*
*hide folder*
*shut down*

Grab phone
“hey whatcha doin? Free? Lets watch a movie, NOW”

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