A part of me

At first I was confused.Listening to your voice for the first time on my phone and i understand every words that you were saying.Im listening to it over and over again until I cant understand any words at all.At that point,I knew and certain that I’m falling for you and in love with you.

I know that I will care for you with all my capabilities.I will care for you until you get annoyed.I will care for your heart,heal the scars from your past and create a new memory for you.I will keep you safe no matter what.

I know that you will keep running in my mind.I know that you will be my priorities.I will think about you more than I think about me.

I know that my world will never be the same again.Your presence is better than my solitude.My world will be much more merrier and more of you.You will be the reason i smile everyday.

I know that I will risk and give to you everything,my time and my heart.I know that I will love you more than anything in this world.And i know that I will never let go..

I will take you to the top of the mountains or by the sea shore just to see you smile.
and I will love you like you were never before..and I know that now you are part of me..

A cup of caffeine and overthinking is all I need.
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