A note from me

To my love, my baby, my heartbreaker, my destroyer

Does she make you feel whole?

or does she make you feel good about yourself?


Does she kiss you goodnight like you deserve it?

when the world knows you actually don’t deserve it.


Does she cry in the middle of the night

because she is too scared of losing you?


Does she overthink about you and her

because you little coward, indecisive prick.


Does she blame herself more than once

because you make her feel worthless.


To your lover, your kryptonite, your other

half, to the one I should apologise


Does he make you feel special like

you’re the only one in his mind?


Does he tell you he loves you every night

before he sleeps?


Does he call you “baby” or “sayang”

And I still wonder which one is better.


Does he let you in his world and let you

wander around until you finally feel lost?


Does he ever make you feel bad after you

confronted him about something,

you know you’re damn right about.



Oh honey I wish I can tell you the things that you have to know before it gets more complicated but im sorry that I still don’t have the courage to let you know about what happened. Maybe one day I’ll tell you or maybe I won’t. Whatever it is please know that this is an apology note from me to you.



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