A lot to say

How to be heartless?
Teach me how to be ignorant of others’ feeling.
I want to blurt things out.
But I think my heart, cares a lot of things.

Sometimes I wish I’d just say the words of hate to others but I think it won’t be right.

I keep it in until I finally let the water flow out of the reservoir of my eyes.
I have a lot to say.

I have a lot to rant. But me my heart and I so fucking care and pity of you.

So I keep rethinking like how it’d be like if I told you earlier my ‘a lot to say’.

the only forte of mine is having such a sensitive heart.
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One thought on “A lot to say

  1. U have a heart of gold. It would be so nice to be ur friend. U like to take care of others feeling. But what about ur feeling? Before u take care of others’ ‘heart’ take care of ur ‘heart’ first. U must try to let go all ur ‘a lot to say’. If u cant say it just let it pass. Forget it.

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