A little time.

In 3 days, I’ll be leaving my home…for good, they say.
In 3 days, I guess my daily life will be different. I gotta left all the fav things i used to do.
I need a little time.
I want to do eveything in just 3 days!
I want to meet my friends, go vacations with my family & spend myself reading good novels and watching movies!
Hell, even Game of Thrones season 7 haven’t came out yet!
I need a little time.
I want to fix myself. Even at home, mama always nags me for not caring my daily solat . What a brat me, i know.
Tell me, how am i going to survive this?
Waking me up without my mom screaming out of her lung ?
Washing my own clothes without using washing machine?
Always reminding me not to abandon my solat and recite al-Quran?
I’m afraid.
Afraid of losing myself.
I need a little time.
To fix my own life.

in the other side, i feel hopeless.
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