A little of this and that

a compilation of poetry i wrote;


These tears won’t stop flowing.
The lips won’t stop smiling ‘till it hurts.
Hands grasp tightly on a bouquet of flower,
A question sparks.
The heart asks quietly; feeling scared. Scared of ruining the cheerful atmosphere,
Do you remember how painful you handle the pain? And how much those eyes held the unwanted river of tears?
Are you happy with what are you doing now?

2. what are we?

With a smile that could lit the whole world,
I wish nothing but the best for you,
But the end has come; we’ll go just like the wind,
Not our choices,
Who are we to change fate? We merely a human who could be lost in any seconds.

3.A smiling puppet
You should be grateful they say.
Not all people could taste what you have right now.
But did I ask for these? Did you forget how much I beg you to not do this to me.
You’re torturing me internally, mentally and verbally.
Making me feel worse about myself.
In the end, I couldn’t anything except to smile like a fool and forced to spit out a thank you.

They mock me, telling me that it’s a waste of time, money and stationary.
They corrected me; saying that. What I am doing right will make my future brighter.
They yell at me, for being such a brat for saying out loud my opinions.
They scream at me, for following what they said where I should choose my own path.
They’re crying for me when I actually buried 6 inches down deep on the ground.
They bawl their tears out when I did what I wanted to do.

My shoulder is dropping every single day pass.
My tears are dried also my will to fight in this battle.
My lips that once shine bright now there’s a crack here and there.
A tear drops down from my cheek, and so do I.

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