A letter to your ex

I’m so envious of you.You got her to love you more than anything.You got the chance to see her for who she really is an amazing girl.She had her cons yes and they were not little cons they were huge like a skyscraper.Those cons make her who she is today and you loved who she was for a long time.I don’t know why you two broke up,and maybe I don’t want to know because it’s in the past no matter how tightly you clench to the past its gone forever.I love that girl more than I love anything and it breaks my heart that she still loves you.I love her more than anything and that means my happiness too because why love someone if they can only be yours?why love someone and force them to love you back if they’re not happy.I love her and that means the only thing I want more than my own happiness is her happiness.If the secret or the last ingredient needed for her to he happy is you then I’ll climb everest to get you for her.You don’t know how lucky you are that she loves you

To a better world we shall go,to a golden land we shall not
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