for him <3

Where are you?
I wonder ..
What are you doing right now?
Are you struggling with life like i am too?

Do you feel lonely sometimes too?
You know you don’t need to.

If you are worrying about me
You know you don’t have to, right?
Just patiently wait, okay?
I’m a cool girl, who can wait.
I barely have eyes on anyone else.

Yeah, maybe we will meet a little bit later.
But, we both know, it’s gonna worth the wait:)
I’m far from perfect, but i’m perfectly devoted.

That beautiful day surely will come.
The day where we can walk the longest route home, hands in hands
So we can talk about the sky and flowers a lil bit more
And talk about musics and our childhood some more

We eat whatever i cook for you
It tasted a lil bit bland
But you don’t complaint
Cause i’m no cook

The days are ahead of us
And i will wait for you, patiently.
Wait for me too.

Let’s do well, very well.
So that we can pick our kids names comfortably
W/o worrying that we would starve them
Jokes aside
I know you are a great guy
With a charming smile
Take care, and pls recognise me when the time shall come, okay?
Till then

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