A letter to the future-self.

“Did you know how much I love the old you, the innocent you, the cute you, the sincere you, the happy you and how lovely you are?”, I told this to myself as I travel back in my childhood time as soon as I saw the picture. Then I realised, no one is born evil. I observe my life and suddenly this thought pop up out my head. “They choose their own path that eventually lead them back on the right track again.” Yes, people still make mistakes twice although they have been told that ‘don’t make the same mistake twice’. But, God is understanding. He is still giving us chance regardless many mistakes we made, and that chance is called “choice”. The chance called choice is meant for us to move forward. There is no turning back. That is why, God would not allow us to have power to control the time. This meant to teach us to be stronger although we feel weak at times.
We are the one who decide what actions we will do next. If I was given a chance to travel back in time and meet the 6-year-old me, I would tell to her “Think before make actions like you always do, although you want to say something, think of the consquences. Don’t even think what others think or say of you. Be yourself”.

It’s funny of how I am writing this now as I farsight what will happen next of the today’s me if I have not did mistakes in my life if I was in my childhood. Surely, there will be more mistakes in my teenage years that I will make since I didn’t learn anything from my childhood. I am writing this not just for all of you to read, but also, to future me so the future me will be reminded of how stronger she have been before. I am indeed a strong person and stubborn. That is what my late-father has told me when he was alive. To him, I am indeed a stubborn person and not-easily-give-up. Then I realised, to be stubborn is what makes us not to give up! So, be stubborn in chasing our dreams. But, to be stubborn doesn’t mean that we have to deny ourselves from differentiate between what is right or not. Just be stubborn and be wise!

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