A letter to the boy I used to love

It was good, until this one time. This one time you wish you could turn back to, to mend things up.

“I wish I would’ve..”
“I know I wasn’t supposed to..”

What happened really? What went wrong? — the questions I know both of us could never really answer.
But I took it as it was never meant to be. It’s like we’re in a parallel universe. We’re not in sync.
Maybe we couldn’t understand each other? Maybe I talked too much? Maybe I trust too little or was it none at all? Maybe you perceived my affection as something else?

As we both moved on with our lives, I know there are times you would think about this too. And instead of saying sorry, I want to thank you. For allowing me to learn to love, for trusting me, and for the love I received. After all, bad relationships teach you things only a bad relationship can.

And I hope you have found love, to make you feel calm and at home. I hope you have found the warmth and comfort from love. I hope you have found someone who can love you to world’s ends. I hope you have found someone who trusts you and you could trust. Scars would still remain but I hope you will find solace in people, home and God. I hope you will find solace in loving again.

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